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Milwaukee, WI


Brennan Duty helps Time Warner Cable work towards its 2014 goals by educating Green Team members.


Brennan Duty worked with Time Warner Cable (TWC) to engage the members of its 15 employee Green Teams on energy-saving and sustainability strategies, which included creating a framework for linking existing and new employee programs with the company’s corporate greenhouse gas reduction goal of decreasing carbon intensity by 15 percent by the end of 2014.


Under the guidance of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Duty developed a resource guide for TWC's Green Teams, which contains 19 project types, along with their associated business cases, and a set of tools and assets recommended to carry them out. These projects include decreasing employee use of paper products/goods, improving shutdown procedures, deactivating underused equipment and implementing efficient lighting.

Potential Impact

Duty's resource guide will continue providing financial and environmental benefit to TWC's Green Teams and could be distributed further for wider benefit.

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