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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Deerfield, IL


Connie researched best-in-class retail recycling strategies and conducted an assessment across Walgreens’ stores to identify opportunities to improve retail waste diversion.


To identify opportunities for improvement on waste and recycling at retail stores, Walgreens enlisted Connie to help understand retail store recycling best practices and how current industry leaders have transformed their previous waste management programs to ones with higher rates of recycling. With the broader scope in mind, Connie examined successful case studies of recycling programs and how Walgreens can adopt these practices. She continued by conducting research on innovative solutions for Walgreens to be more sustainable.


Connie investigated what other fast-moving consumer goods retailers are doing when it comes to waste and recycling and how Walgreens performs comparatively. To better understand the biggest barriers to advancing waste and recycling at Walgreens, she interviewed key stakeholders who provided context on Walgreens’ previous attempts in the past and the challenges it faces today. 

In order to reduce waste output and increase recycling at retail stores, Connie needed to understand what Walgreens’ waste is comprised of. She conducted a waste audit for several Chicago Walgreens’ stores. The results from the audit showed that there is tremendous opportunity to improve plastics recycling at Walgreens. Connie also recommended Walgreens to further explore backhauling cardboard and plastics to divert waste and reduce existing hauling costs.


Connie presented her findings to the Corporate Social Responsibility Team at Walgreens and her recommendations were well received. It magnified the opportunity and generated discussions on prioritizing and pushing forward the agenda on reducing single-use plastic with both the Walgreens and Walgreens Boots Alliance leadership. Walgreens’ StoreCare and Waste & Recycling team will use Connie’s information as a foundation to urge leadership to champion waste and recycling projects with a sense of urgency.

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