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Chen Liyuan established energy conservation and emission reductions management tools for Walmart China.


Walmart China is aligned with the company’s global commitments to figure out solutions on energy conservation, carbon verification, and carbon trading. With the Chinese government’s sustainable development target, Walmart China is actively responding to achieve emission reductions goals. This includes finding opportunities in various aspects such as technology upgrades, online management systems, self-inspection on schedule, and data update norm. Walmart China enlisted Chen Liyuan to investigate, analyze data, and establish models so that emission reductions run more smoothly.


Chen Liyuan approached the challenge using a three-part process for finding opportunities for energy saving and emission reduction for Walmart China:

  • Investigate and survey in Hypermarket, Sam’s Club, and a competitor’s store: During the investigation, some challenges and opportunities in energy conversation and emission reductions were found.
  • Deal with the data analysis and establish a model based on the results and demand: It focuses on two points: 1) the influence of weather (temperature and humidity) on air-conditioning and freezing systems, and 2) saving electricity charges by controlling the service time for fresh assistant, according to different region’s electricity charge standard.
  • Complete two tools: One is the electricity charge enquiry system, another is the dioxide emission calculation system

Potential Impact

Walmart commits that it will arrive at a carbon neutral goal in 2040, 20 years earlier than China’s government goal. With the opening of China’s carbon trading market, Walmart has also distributed carbon credits. It’s important to dutifully handle this work. Reasonably quantizing the carbon emission reduction project’s effect is pretty essential. Walmart China will arrive at these goals more successfully through investigation and survey, analyzing energy consumption data, electricity charges, equipment data, store information, region weather, and more. 

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