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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Francisco, CA


Svetlana Zenkin helped create an Energy Leadership Team at Williams-Sonoma and recommended efficiency projects.


Svetlana Zenkin was enlisted to help create a cross-functional Energy Leadership Team (ELT), a group of over ten representatives from each of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.’s (WSI) major divisions: stores, corporate offices, distribution and logistics, call centers, IT and manufacturing facilities. The purpose of the ELT is to centralize the company’s energy management activities.


To facilitate internal information sharing, Zenkin wrote a 15-page report that details the energy-related projects previously completed by several of WSI’s departments. This communication has been a challenge due to the company’s size, but it is essential to a successful energy strategy, and this report is a first step.

Zenkin also analyzed energy audit reports for three of WSI’s corporate office buildings in San Francisco, CA.

Potential Impact

Zenkin worked with the corporate responsibility department to recommend over 15 energy efficiency projects that could save approximately $120,000 per year, which eventually could create a net value of $600,000. They could also help WSI avoid emitting 520 metric tons of carbon, comparable to taking 18,000 cars off the road.


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