ROI of Energy Efficiency in Class B Buildings

Urban Innovations manages eleven commercial properties covering 900,000 gross square feet of commercial space and land sites in Chicago’s River North neighborhood with more than 180 tenants.

Through the course of regular maintenance and refurbishing, they've been able to achieve ENERGY STAR® certification on six of their properties and are continuing to escalate their energy management.

Urban InnovationsIn 2014, Urban Innovations partnered with EDF Climate Corps to help embed energy efficiency into the core of their operations. Their fellow, Michael Perry, developed an Excel-based tool that identified applicable rebate information and calculated cost-savings from upgrading to more energy efficient systems and equipment. Through the use of this tool, Urban Innovations identified annual reductions of over 990,000 kilowatt hours in electricity usage, over $70,000 in annual cost-savings, over $72,000 in immediate rebates, and over 846 metric tons in greenhouse gas reductions.

Learn how Urban Innovations found $70,000 in annual cost savings and over $72,000 in immediate rebates working with EDF Climate Corps.

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See how EDF Climate Corps is creating a tipping point for energy efficiency in Chicago.