Energy Management Tools & Guides

EDF believes that by sharing Climate Corps’ tools and resources it can scale energy management best practices across industries.

  • Webinar Series

    The EDF Climate Corps Webinar Series is a free resource curated by EDF Climate Corps staff and is designed to help EDF fellows, host organizations and other partners stay on the leading edge of clean energy and sustainability topics. This series covers topics such as solar, sustainability goal setting, battery storage, energy data analytics, electric vehicles, carbon accounting and more.

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  • The EDF Climate Corps Energy Management Handbook

    This reference manual explains how to identify, analyze and prioritize energy efficiency investments, clean energy procurement, and other strategic energy management opportunities. Each chapter provides an overview of the steps that an organization can take to better manage energy use. Topics covered include energy efficiency equipment upgrades, on-site renewable energy, demand response, and more.

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  • Smart Energy Best Practices Survey

    Successful energy programs depend on strong internal management practices. This Smart Energy Diagnostic survey helps organizations benchmark their progress in five key capacities, and provides a comparison with other leading organizations. This short survey takes approximately 10 minutes and results are provided immediately upon completion.

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  • Smart Energy Best Practices Rubric

    This rubric can be used independently or in conjunction with the smart energy diagnostic survey. This rubric articulates five energy management categories and provides a discrete pathway for energy managers to follow to achieve energy management excellence.

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  • Other EDF Resources

    These resources, from EDF experts and other partners, cover a range of topics that help organizations learn about various ways to cut costs and emissions.

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