Tyler Van Leeuwen

Group Carbon Opportunities Manager, Royal Dutch Shell

2013 EDF Climate Corps fellow

What’s something you don’t hear often? An environmentalist working in big oil. As a Group Carbon Opportunities Manager at Royal Dutch Shell, Tyler Van Leeuwen identifies and implements innovative ways that the company can reduce its own CO2 emissions, as well as those of its customers.

When Shell announced its aspiration to reduce the lifecycle CO2 intensity of its energy products by 50%, it immediately set into motion a sense of action across the entire company. Now, Tyler is helping figure out a major piece of that goal: how can it be done?

Tyler leads a team in charge of identifying and incubating promising opportunities that can reduce CO2 emissions or deliver low carbon energy to customers, while delivering business value. At present, his team is working to promote investments in natural ecosystems to store carbon, and trying to standardize and scale financing models that enable profitable use of renewables across Shell’s portfolio.   

Tyler participates in the EDF Climate Corps mentorship program and connects regularly with other members of the network. 

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