Energy efficiency 101: 26 MBAs learn strategies for cutting energy and costs

Maria Harris | May 30, 2009

Last week (from May 18th-20th) we gathered our 2009 class of Climate Corps Fellows for a three-day training in our San Francisco office. The 26 Fellows arrived from across the country, and were joined by EDF staff, representatives from some of the 23 Climate Corps host companies, and a few media observers (SF Chronicle, for a crash course in energy efficiency approaches for office buildings and data centers.

The textbook for training was the Climate Corps Handbook, a reference manual on energy efficiency investment opportunities that we wrote for the Climate Corps Fellows to consult throughout their fellowships. The Handbook outlines EDF's recommended steps for identifying and prioritizing building energy efficiency measures, and explains how to benchmark the energy efficiency of one building against others in the region. It also provides an introduction to the types of efficiency options that exist in commercial buildings