EDF Climate Corps Blog: From the Experts

  • Real Energy and Cost Savings. Right Now. Here, in Texas.

    EDF Staff | August 28, 2015

    This year, 12 Texas companies and public sector entities hosted fellows, and this got us to thinking, what kind of evolution and impact has the Climate Corps program had in Texas over the years?

  • Denver Housing Authority Sets Bar for Municipalities Nationwide

    EDF Staff | August 27, 2015

    The Housing Authority of the City and County of Denver (DHA), therefore, deserves praise for its innovative solar power program that not only provides renewable energy, but creates revenue for the housing authority, creates green jobs in the region and saves taxpayers’ money – all the while reflecting the spirit of the federal Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge, which looks to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by the year 2020.  

  • New Case Studies in Energy Management Show the Path from 'Why' to 'How'

    Victoria Mills | January 22, 2015

    Business leaders have long agreed on the “why” of environmental management: seeing the value in increased profits, reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint. But the “how” has often been the stumbling block.

  • EDF Climate Corps Continues to Drive Results for Private Equity firms

    EDF Staff | December 11, 2014

    The results are in. As my colleague Victoria Mills wrote recently, this year’s cohort of EDF Climate Corps fellows found $130 million in potential energy savings across 102 organizations. Among the engagements, 12 fellows worked with private equity firms and portfolio companies on a diversity of projects.

  • Resource Review: Guide to Procurement of Flexible Peaking Capacity

    Ellen Shea | November 4, 2014

    I recently read a white paper by Chet Lyons of the Energy Strategies Group performing a cost-benefits analysis of utility companies purchasing battery storage systems vs. simple cycle gas-fired combustion turbines (CT). These CT systems are what are typically used to regulate peaking capacity. The article shows how storage systems can be a great solution for how utilities companies can keep up to date with the changing trends in energy in the US. 

  • Corporate Buyers Demonstrate Demand for Renewables. Now it’s Time for the Market to Catch Up.

    Victoria Mills | August 14, 2014

    Last month, twelve major corporations announced a combined goal of buying 8.4 million megawatt hours of renewable energy each year and called for market changes to make these large-scale purchases possible. Their commitment shows that demand for renewables has reached the big time.

  • Can a Climate Change Film Be As Memorable As TERMINATOR?

    Guest Author | July 28, 2014

    Can you tell a story about climate change that’s as memorable as Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Titanic or Avatar?  James Cameron, the acclaimed director of all of those blockbusters, clearly thinks it’s worth a shot given his involvement in a nine part docu-series that had its premier screening in London this week. 

  • Private Equity Interest in EDF Climate Corps at All-Time High

    EDF Staff | July 25, 2014

    Summer at EDF is always an exciting time as EDF Climate Corps fellows fan out and begin their placements at organizations across the country. This year we're thrilled to see a dozen fellows working with private equity firms and their portfolio companies, the highest number of such placements in a single summer.

  • Changing Behavior Means Changing Beliefs

    Sitar Mody | July 3, 2014

    At EDF, all our advocacy and education around climate change aims to change behaviors -- of individuals, corporations, utilities, governments and communities. But in order to change behavior, we must first change their belief systems.

  • EDF Climate Corps fellows – right where they need to be

    Victoria Mills | May 22, 2014

    When the producers of Years of Living Dangerously – Showtime’s groundbreaking new series about climate change – were looking for a story of hope, they turned to EDF Climate Corps.