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Gehui Zhang designed a monthly energy statistics statement for Lingang Industrialization Base.


As the industry leader in semiconductor equipment manufacturing companies in China, AMEC hopes to identify the energy use of the Lingang industrialization site so that it could better exploit its energy-saving potential. Therefore, AMEC installed a plant facility monitoring system at the Lingang base, which is expected to be put into production this year. The system enables statistical work on energy consumption but requires energy meters as support. In order to promote energy metering, AMEC engaged Gehui Zhang to develop an energy meter installation schedule, and design a monthly energy management statistics statement.


  • Examining the energy status and determining energy management objectives: After combing and analyzing all the electric power distribution diagrams and working schematic diagrams of energy-using equipment in the Lingang Industrialization Base, Gehui Zhang identified the installation location of each energy-using equipment and its rated power.

  • Developing an energy meter installation schedule: Gehui Zhang found that the energy management statistical inventory needs to be analyzed by the system and by building, to better identify energy-saving opportunities. To achieve this, energy meters need to be installed where possible. Therefore, Gehui Zhang proposed an energy meter installation schedule. 

  • Designing a monthly energy management statistics statement: Using the information from the energy meter installation schedule, Gehui Zhang further designed a monthly energy management statistics statement. The statement is used by the EHS department and plant services and needs to be updated monthly based on each facility's electricity usage. The statement allows for energy usage statistics and analysis by the system, by building, and even by building area. Gehui Zhang also developed an energy flow map for the Industrialization Base to visualize energy use.

Potential Impact

The monthly energy management statistics statement enables energy usage analysis by the system and by building and facilitates the detection of irregular power consumption by employees and the exploitation of more energy-saving potential. In order to implement energy management statistics, the Lingang Industrialization Base needs to install some additional energy meters (including electricity meters, water meters, and gas meters). It is estimated that an additional cost of approximately RMB 360,000 will be required. The number of installations and the amount spent could be further halved if the base could achieve a reasonable secondary power distribution of equipment and machines.

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