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Siwei Yan developed a series of actionable and approved packaging optimization initiatives for AMEC, including in-site research, measurement, and feasibility assessment.


In the summer of 2023, Yan Siwei, a fellow from Zhejiang University, joined AMEC's QEHS department, cooperated with MFG, GMO, suppliers and external disposal providers, conducted close exchanges and cooperation, and evaluated the low carbon potential of AMEC's packaging materials during the 10-week fellowship. From the perspective of a life cycle, combined with the production process of AMEC products, the low-carbon potential of related materials was analyzed, and reasonable low-carbon and recycling suggestions were put forward for AMEC.

Siwei focused on the supply chain aspect and approached it from the 3R's of the circular economy, i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, which try to comprehensively assess the sustainability of the company's existing packaging solutions, and conduct a current state assessment, give a planning, evaluation, and forecasting for sustainable packaging materials in AMEC's operations.


During the project, QEHS cooperated with MFG, GMO and other departments to deeply discuss the different circulation modes between suppliers and AMEC, within AMEC and between AMEC and customers, and explore feasible measures in various schemes. Through several field investigations, workshops and project meetings within AMEC were held to evaluate and optimize existing green carbon reduction measures, and actively promote the further promotion and implementation of sustainable packaging in AMEC.

This sustainable packaging project reviewed the current status of AMEC's packaging materials, discussed related optimization plans from multiple perspectives, established a measurement model for AMEC's packaging materials carbon reduction measures, planned feasible packaging materials carbon reduction plans, and conducted a detailed environmental and economic feasibility assessment for the relevant plans, which will be steadily implemented under the promotion of relevant departments. Relevant measures will further support AMEC’s green development and climate goals.

Potential Impact

Through several on-site surveys and meetings & workshops, Siwei cooperated with site colleagues, proposed about 8 practical ideas, and 4 ideas have been confirmed by AMEC. The measures are expected to bring many economic and environmental advantages after being fully implemented in AMEC. Other long-term measures are also being actively discussed in AMEC.

In addition, Siwei participated in organizing the training of EDF experts in AMEC for sustainability, helping the concept of sustainability be better introduced to AMEC employees.


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