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New York, NY


Amit Paul helped A&E track and benchmark its water and electricity use data.


A&E, one of New York City's largest owners of multifamily properties, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Amit Paul to gain a better handle on energy and water data across its large, multi-borough portfolio. With annual utility costs exceeding $12M, and water alone costing $6M, A&E wanted to focus its efforts on establishing a proper baseline before beginning to target specific properties with energy and water efficiency projects.


Paul focused his efforts on tracking all A&E water data, including account numbers, meter numbers, rate class, and meter types. Once this was collected, buildings with complete 2016 water data were selected for benchmarking. Paul then shifted his priorities to benchmarking fuel and electricity use for A&E's properties. Using Tableau, he created data visualizations for the benchmarking results, which allow A&E decision makers to quickly identify poorly performing buildings. Paul also assisted in developing a new methodology for A&E's annual utility budgeting which incorporates yearly changes in weather and utility price fluctuations.

Potential Impact

By using the results of the water benchmarking, A&E can begin installing automatic meter reading (AMR) meters in the properties currently without granular water data. Targeting properties performing poorly according to the benchmarking results will allow A&E to reduce both its water use as well as its annual expenditures on water. Similarly, A&E can use the results of the electricity and fuel benchmarking to inform future capital projects on energy efficiency.

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