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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Neptune, NJ


Michelle Suh initiated the development of a Comprehensive Energy Management Process for the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) and conducted individual building audits for over 20 AHA property assets, utilizing Energy Star Portfolio Manager.


Michelle engaged in pivotal discussions with the executive team to gain insights into tenant energy and water usage patterns and renovation plans. Subsequently, she meticulously analyzed utility bills, delving into monthly consumption and billing patterns.


 She delivered Individual Property Upgrade Recommendations covering AHA's diverse portfolio, including multi-family residential buildings, single-family homes, group homes, office spaces, and mobile car park homes. Her targeted efforts focused on simple and easy-to-implement saving measures, which could result in a remarkable 30% reduction in energy usage and substantial annual cost savings of up to $30,000. 

Furthermore, Michelle executed meticulous sample due diligence and financial modeling for a substantial 323.6 kW rooftop solar installation for upcoming redevelopment properties. She established partnerships with BlocPower, leading to successful applications for the Department of Energy's Renew America's Nonprofits program, potentially amounting to $200k per property. She also directed the organization to 15 other external resources available in the industry at both federal and state levels to provide financing solutions targeted for LMI communities.

Potential Impact

Michelle's contributions to AHA signify a pivotal step in their journey towards enhancing cost-efficiency and environmental responsibility, benefiting numerous residents and emphasizing the organization's dedication to affordable housing and sustainability.

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