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Aaron joined Albertsons Companies’ ESG team to calculate the company’s carbon emissions, developing a replicable, reliable system and process for future carbon accounting as Albertsons Cos. works towards their ambitious sustainability goals.


At the beginning of 2022, Albertsons unveiled their Recipe for Change – an ambitious, quantifiable set of strategies and goals for fighting climate change. Key among those goals are a 47% carbon reduction by 2030, aligned with SBTi, and net zero emissions by 2040. Albertsons’ ESG team enlisted Aaron to calculate the emissions for scope 1, 2, and certain scope 3 categories as well as develop content for the company’s CDP climate change disclosure report.


Aaron approached climate accounting through the following steps:

  • Constructed an internal SOP and carbon accounting tool to ensure reporting process is verifiable, replicable, and comparable year-over-year.

  • Successfully employed SOP and carbon accounting tool to consolidate and publish data for 2022 (retroactively reporting 2021) CDP and ESG reports.

  • Outlined short- and medium-term opportunities for QA/QC within carbon accounting process and opportunities for improving CDP score, by highlighting synergies between scoring methodology and incumbent and forthcoming carbon reduction programs.

Potential Impact

After implementing both tools successfully this year, Albertsons will utilize Aaron’s SOP and carbon accounting tool to complete their 2021 (retroactively) and 2022 CDP reports. By adopting Aaron’s resources, ACI will more effectively understand emissions trends as they relate both to their internal operations and the electric grid. This added visibility allows the company to review and adapt their emissions reduction strategy as they review emissions trends over time.

In addition, Aaron reported insights and pathways for streamlining the emissions accounting process through real-time tracking, hardware and software implementation, and increased departmental alignment and reporting guidelines to top leadership which ACI aims to implement long-term.

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