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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Francisco, CA


Grace Reynolds researched evolving Net Zero standards and carbon market dynamics to recommend updates to Allbirds’ Net Zero strategy.


Allbirds committed to reducing its emissions and reaching Net Zero by 2030. At the same time, Allbirds is aware that expectations of corporate Net Zero commitments have evolved since setting its initial goal. The main objective of the fellowship was to assess Allbirds’ Net Zero strategy and recommend next steps for aligning with evolving standards.


Reynolds conducted informational interviews with brands and external partners to identify options for Allbirds’ Net Zero strategy. Reynolds also assessed how carbon offset prices are expected to change over time and how Allbirds can finance carbon mitigation strategies between now and 2030. Balancing Net Zero ambition with business feasibility, Reynolds recommended an internal carbon price that can be used to prepare Allbirds for its Net Zero by 2030 goal. Reynolds also produced a report summarizing Net Zero definitions, carbon pricing strategies, and how carbon offsets align with Net Zero standards.

Potential Impact

Understanding the suite of strategies available allows Allbirds to evaluate which Net Zero strategy will have the most impact. The Allbirds team will use the Fellow’s research and recommendations to support internal decision-making and assess how best to spend the company’s Carbon Fund moving forward. This will ensure that Allbirds continues supporting meaningful climate action.

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