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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Bangalore, Karnataka


Aman Randhawa devised strategies to promote the integration of zero emission vehicles in Amazon's LMDCs (Last Mile Delivery Channels) in India.


Amazon Inc., is challenged with carbon emissions,  attributed to their direct and indirect operational activities, affecting the natural environment. As part of their global initiative, the  Climate Pledge to incorporate sustainability into their operations, it aims to become net zero carbon by 2040. One of the sectors identified for accelerating its commitment is integration of sustainable  mobility in its logistics. The project’s goal was to identify necessary gaps that contribute to the slow integration of ZEVs in the last-mile delivery channels of Amazon in India.


The approach adopted towards identifying effective solutions included reviewing Amazon’s last mile operations in India, conducting primary and secondary research, consulting industry related stakeholders and experts, conducting field visits, benchmarking  strategies adopted by similar businesses, and devising strategies to accelerate the integration of  ZEVs in LMDCs. 

Based on the above approach, the solutions devised were aligned to:

  • Capitalize on the existing  ZEV Indian market scenario
  • Collaborate with and assist stakeholders including logistics partners
  • Charge infra vendors, driver partners, financial institutions, and policy makers
  • Modify existing  contracts of vendors and driver partners
  • Promote capacity-building programmes for all stakeholders

Potential Impact

The anticipated impacts of the proposed solutions, if implemented, can offset a major share of carbon  emissions from the last-mile delivery channels of Amazon in India. As the proposed interventions will  reinforce the delivery logistics and driver partners' attitudes toward adopting ZEVs, the role of Amazon  is that of a facilitator towards the integration process.

The emission factor calculated as part of the project shall aid in quantifying the year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions due to the adoption of  ZEVs. The proposed strategies will also benefit the ZEV ecosystem across industrial sectors in India,  encouraging other businesses to adopt sustainability in their operations.

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