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Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Boston, MA


The scope of the fellowship was to build on and execute a Supplier Engagement Plan and expanded to updating Amazon Robotics’s Carbon Footprint Model for 2022.


The goals of the Supplier Engagement Project were to identify the top AR suppliers, onboard them to a sustainability scoring platform, and create Sustainability Action Plans for > 75% of targeted suppliers. The goal of the carbon footprint project was to calculate AR’s carbon footprint with >10% process-driven models or actuals. 


Solutions for the Supplier Engagement project were to centralize communications and outreach, focus on the most impactful suppliers, and standardize Sustainability Action Plans. Solutions for the carbon footprint project were to only use EIO factors for upstream supplier emissions and utilize actuals and process-driven models for the remaining Scope 3 categories. 

Potential Impact

The impact of these projects is putting AR on the path towards getting better carbon data from their suppliers and a more accurate sense of their carbon footprint. 

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