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Seattle, WA


Matt Panopio helped Amazon evaluate and execute renewable energy opportunities.


Amazon, one of the world’s largest technology, retail, and cloud computing companies pledged to meet the Paris Agreement targets 10 years early by setting ambitious carbon reduction and renewable energy goals. Amazon is committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon across the company by 2040 and reaching 100% Renewable Energy in all business operations by 2030. EDF Climate Corps fellow Matt Panopio was enlisted to evaluate and execute renewable energy opportunities in partnership with Amazon’s regulated utility providers to increase their renewable energy portfolio and reduce the carbon emissions of the company’s U.S. fulfillment network and retail operations.


Panopio analyzed baseline energy consumption and carbon intensity of Amazon’s operations, researched regulated U.S. electricity markets for approved green utility programs, and compiled a priority list of the most cost-effective opportunities. He executed one contract agreement to supply four Amazon facilities with 100% renewable energy in the Midwest. Additionally, Panopio developed a roadmap and response plan to guide Amazon’s evaluation for green utility opportunities in the future.

Potential Impact

As the company continues to grow its infrastructure, scaling up the use of renewable energy will be a critical part of Amazon’s goal to reach Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Panopio’s execution of the renewable energy deal and roadmap for future green utility opportunities will increase Amazon’s renewable energy portfolio and reduce carbon emissions from fulfillment and retail operations as the company pursues its aggressive sustainability goals.

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