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Bangalore, Karnataka


Meenakshi worked with The Climate Pledge (TCP), Amazon team to propose joint climate action projects that could help TCP signatories reduce their carbon emissions.


The goal of this project was to propose potential joint action projects that could help signatories accelerate net-zero journeys through collaboration and partnerships. This included identifying projects that help overcome barriers in new low carbon solutions, while also looking at scaling deployment of existing low carbon options like renewables and EVs.  The geographies in focus were India, Japan and Australia.


To identify joint climate action projects that can help achieving net-zero goals of signatories, Meenakshi:

  • analyzed the national policy goals of the governments of India, Japan, and Australia

  • studied the climate action business drivers as well as existing and new technologies that companies need in achieving their targets

  • studied various challenges and hurdles in net-zero transition, through government reports as well as those think tanks

She mapped the focus areas in alignment with TCP priority action areas (Transportation & Logistics, Renewable Energy, Built Environment, Scope 3 Emissions and Circular economy). In addition, she reviewed projects in the areas of Sustainable Land Management. Meenakshi proposed over 25 projects across the 3 countries that TCP could consider for implementation over the coming years.  

She included suggestions for each project including:

  1. implementation approach, the potential signatories the project could interest, 

  2. various national and international partners for knowledge, expertise, and research support, 

  3. project outcomes, benefits, and policy support wherever applicable and

  4. recommended prioritization and timelines for implementing the project 

Potential Impact

The fellow provided recommendations to the TCP team, for various potential areas for collaboration (signatories and partners) on joint climate action projects.  The report by Meenakshi provided opportunities to leverage the policies as well as define projects that could potentially bridge the critical gaps in net-zero transition, and introduce alternatives to current technologies, to support transitioning to low carbon economies.

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