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Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Jiangyin, Jiangsu


Canyang Xie provided forward-looking advice on further transformative actions for Amcor's sustainable packaging.


Amcor, a global leading packaging company, is committed to leading sustainable transformation for packaging products to address sustainability challenges such as solid waste management, circular economy, and climate change. EDF Climate Corps intern Canyang Xie provided further advice on ways for Amcor to fulfill its 2025 sustainability commitment, in particular the goal of achieving 100% product recyclability.


In order to provide forward-looking, concrete advice to Amcor's transformation, Canyang Xie mainly carried out the work in two parts:

  • Global policy research: With the rapidly changing global sustainable packaging landscape, companies are under increasing pressure to comply with policies. Against this backdrop, the fellow conducted a systematic overview of policy developments in the UN, EU, US, China, and other countries, and analyzed the implications for Amcor.
  • Supply chain survey: The sustainable packaging transformation requires industry-wide, multi-channel actions. The fellow designed a questionnaire to investigate the attitudes, actions, and strategies of Amcor's supply chain partners regarding the promotion of sustainable packaging and analyzed the impact on Amcor's supply chain collaboration.

Potential Impact

Combining global policy analysis and supply chain survey, Canyang Xie summarized the following key findings:

  • It is foreseeable that the Global Sustainable Packaging Policy will add additional sustainability compliance obligations to Amcor.

  • Reduction, recyclability, biodegradability, and lower environmental and carbon footprint are the main requirements for products in the policies to be introduced in the future.

  • The engagement and cooperation of supply chain stakeholders is a key priority in Amcor's sustainability journey.

In summary, Canyang Xie was able to demonstrate that Amcor is well-positioned to lead the way in sustainable packaging innovation and marketization and capture future growth opportunities. 

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