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Tong Bao supported Amcor’s sustainable transformation by establishing a life cycle management system.


As the leading global packaging company, Amcor has placed sustainability at the forefront of its long-term corporate development strategy. Globally, Amcor has launched several sustainability programs and commitments.

To accelerate the sustainable development of packaging, the Amcor Jiangyin site collaborated with EDF China and Tong Bao to propose feasible recommendations to advance the sustainable development of packaging.


To accelerate the sustainable development of Amcor, Tong Bao worked in three main parts:

  1. Amcor sustainability status survey: To find Amcor's future sustainability path, Tong summarized the progress made by Amcor and analyzed the challenges of Amcor's current sustainable development.
  2. Global policy research: To better map the current global sustainable packaging development landscape, Tong conducted a systematic overview of global, the European Union, and China's policy developments, in addition to analyzing the future development trends of Amcor.
  3. Supply chain survey: Tong designed a questionnaire that focused on and analyzed the intention of Amcor's supply chain partners to engage in supply chain collaboration.

Potential Impact

According to the current situation of Amcor, Tong Bao proposed the development direction from "policy-driven" to "active layout" and from "information closed" to "information transparent", and proposed the goal of the whole life cycle sustainable development management system. This gives Amcor direction in packaging design, production, transportation and recycling, company and supply chain management, and enhanced information disclosure.

Overall, Tong Bao's work provides a clear strategy for further packaging sustainability in the future for Amcor.

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