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Yiren Wang helped to make the VOCs reduction plans at Amcor China Jiangyin site.


As the global leading packaging company, Amcor always devoted to contributing to a better world for today and tomorrow. Hence, Amcor China is committed to providing high-quality products together with protecting the environment in the local community. 

Following the calls of Blue-Sky initiatives from the national environmental agency, Amcor Jiangyin site collaborated with EDF China teams and enlisted 2020 Climate Corps Fellow Yiren Wang to find out a better way to control air pollution. In response to the main pollutant control goals, the project chose to ensure greater achievement in the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) concentration reduction, which might contribute to the formation of ozone and particulate matter and would be released during the packaging manufacturing process.


Yiren Wang achieved the goals by following methods:

  • Comb the current situation: applying multiple data analysis tools, Yiren has collected the data from different departments to finish the tables about “VOCs related material balance algorithm" and graphed the VOCs concentration distribution maps. 

  • Design the core decision making logics: Yiren has led the discussions and internal seminars such as "discussion on RTO energy-saving pathways" and "machine air volume accounting". 

  • Implement some practices: Yiren has cooperated with the contractors to finish the modifications of some machines. During the trials, she used the command and control method to evaluate the subsequent impact.


By implementing emission reduction practices, the proposed projects can increase 5% of the VOCs collection rates and treatment efficiency in some specific areas. This can largely reduce the cost of raw materials. 

In addition, during the entire 10 weeks, Yiren Wang and the supporting team in Jiangyin site have accomplished 3% of the monthly VOCs collection rates, with such, Yiren and the team plan to promote the treatment and collecting logics to other machines which will contribute to long-term development.

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