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Yuru Chen identified possible energy saving opportunities at Amcor Huizhou Site.


As the global leading packaging company, Amcor always devoted to contributing to a better world for today and tomorrow. We are willing to make continuous improvements that can benefit both our world and our business.  With such an environmental-friendly commitment, Amcor China enlisted Yuru Chen to identify the potential energy saving opportunities in Huizhou Site and review daily production processes from the fellow’s perspective, newly and academically.


The way how Chen approached the challenge could be divided into three stages:

  • Detailed data analysis of FY2020 is firstly done by completing electricity metering system of the host factory. By comparing the results to the energy usage of FY2019, this first-stage research helps to identify irregular energy consumption, and consequently, leads to potential energy saving opportunities.

  • Energy saving project checklist is put up in the second stage by combining the results with on-site workshop investigation and stage-one research. The checklist includes 12 possible solutions that are divided into three categories.

  • Economic appraisal and recommendations of the projects are made based on CCFAT.


It is significant to save the data analysis results of FY2020 since it can be a reference to future comparative study. Additionally, focusing on management energy saving solution in recent time and take technology energy saving suggestions would be extremely helpful while constructing the new factory. 

Ideally, the projects will save4,465,074 kWh and avoid 2,354 metric tons of CO2e emissions annually.

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