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Thomas S. Benson identified organizational sustainability opportunities and contributed to climate security content at the American Security Project (ASP).


Climate-induced crises and changes in environmental conditions are adversely affecting military operations. The Department of Defense has already experienced damage from severe weather events and other climate impacts and has acknowledged the need to adopt climate security measures. To elevate climate security dialogue and highlight the connections between climate security and national security, ASP requested Benson to examine how ASP could incorporate sustainability into institutional operations and author thought leadership on components of climate security.


Benson achieved ASP goals via three primary lines of effort (LOE):

  • LOE 1: Authored an ASP Organizational Sustainability Report which identified best practices and resources for greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, including EPA Guide to GHG Management for Small Business and Low Emitters and the Simplified Calculator, identified opportunities for GHG emissions reductions, and advised on 25 ASP sustainability goals. 

  • LOE 2: Collaborated on a U.S. Military Installation Climate Security Analysis which reviewed existing military climate strategies, highlighted relevant federal guidance, climate resilience activities, and climate security milestones.

  • LOE 3: Authored Climate Security Thought Leadership, including Briefing Notes on biomass, carbon sequestration, and climate security, and Blogposts on food security, climate security, resource scarcity, and federal sustainability efforts.

Potential Impact

ASP is now well-positioned to achieve organizational sustainability and has modified the ASP website to feature a statement regarding their commitment to organizational sustainability. The organization is already lean and efficient and remains committed to industry best practices in concert with their dedication to climate security issues. Through easily digestible reports, briefing notes, and blogposts, Benson has helped ASP continue a robust line of effort in the climate security space, which will, in turn, facilitate additional dialogue, foster buy-in, and elevate the national conversation around climate security.

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