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Health Care

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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Thousand Oaks, CA


Michael Lipowicz equipped Amgen with the life cycle assessment research and strategic planning needed to create a carbon emissions calculation strategy.


Amgen, a global biopharmaceutical company, was looking to get an initial evaluation of its Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions and to implement a feasible calculation strategy. The company had already made significant progress in reducing GHG emissions across the buildings and vehicles within its operational control, but was looking to better understand all facets of its business as it began to look beyond its 2020 sustainability goals. EDF Climate Corps fellow Michael Lipowicz was called in to help with this important evaluation. 


In creating a carbon emissions calculation strategy, Lipowicz worked across numerous departments within Amgen to evaluate how quantitative data was managed within EHSS, supply chain, logistics, global travel, real estate, and finance. He established multiple collaborative opportunities between Amgen’s sustainability team and other business units to ensure consistent collection of pertinent data and to unlock future opportunities for emissions reduction projects. Additionally, Lipowicz communicated with life cycle assessment consultants and assessed the quality of various emission factor databases. This allowed him to accurately evaluate whether it was possible for Amgen to calculate Scope 3 emissions based on its current level of quantitative operational data.

Potential Impact

Lipowicz’s cross-departmental engagement, life cycle assessment research and strategic planning will help Amgen implement a comprehensive data-collection policy to evaluate its Scope 3 greenhouse emissions. His work will connect the sustainability team to new facets of the business, allowing for increased transparency and for the creation of new environmental improvement projects across the company.

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