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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Lordstown, OH


Soumadeep Guha set up an ISO 14001 environmental management system and helped develop sustainability goals and policies.


Soumadeep Guha was enlisted by Anderson Dubose (AD) as an EDF Climate Corps fellow to set up an environment management system (EMS) aimed at minimizing any operations that could negatively affect the environment, comply with applicable EPA laws and regulations and incorporate continual improvement.


Guha spent his summer building up the EMS based on ISO 14001 standards and helping AD acquire the ISO 14001:2004 certification. He also helped define the Environment Policy for AD. Guha assessed and formulated processes to continually assess the operational environmental impacts and applicable legal requirements for AD.

Guha coordinated with management leaders to determine the best metrics, both in warehouse operations and office areas that could measure the key characteristics of AD’s environmental performance. He also set up environmental sustainability goals for AD and developed strategic road maps and means for achieving those goals. As part of the EMS, Guha worked on enhancing existing recycling programs and introducing new recycling initiatives.

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