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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Chicago, IL


David Singler created an Energy Report for the Archdiocese of Chicago that baselined current energy use and provided a roadmap for moving forward with future energy efficiency projects.


The Archdiocese of Chicago wanted a comprehensive understanding of its energy use. Having a portfolio of over 2,500 buildings—ranging from churches, residences, mausoleums, office buildings and schools—meant significant spending on energy and they wanted to ensure they were looking at all opportunities to be as efficient with both energy use and spending. EDF Climate Corps fellow David Singler was enlisted to do just that. 


David analyzed energy use throughout the organization. He transformed this data into a first-of-its-kind Archdiocese of Chicago Energy Report. The analysis highlighted current savings from already-installed energy efficiency projects in the network of churches and schools, and identified potential opportunities for further efficiencies. 

Potential Impact

Managing and tracking energy use and savings will give decision makers a high-level understanding of the financial and environmental impacts seen across the entire scope of the organization. This data will help to better manage funds, allocate resources and attend to inefficiencies as they occur, paving the way for the Archdiocese to become more resilient and sustainable in the future. 

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