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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Willow Grove, PA


Asplundh Tree Expert is a prominent company focused on vegetation management services. With a strong commitment to sustainability, its goals include aligning corporate policies, fostering customer engagement, and promoting environmental responsibility. Asplundh aims to improve its carbon footprint and deepen its understanding of customer greenhouse gas commitments while showcasing its dedication to environmental initiatives.


Duke’s research and work led to deliverables on key ESG and climate initiatives and seeded plans for longer-term projects. The process involved in-depth analysis of third-party Sustainability Assessments, followed by evaluating Asplundh's emissions against benchmarks. This led to targeted policies for Water, Biodiversity, Supplier Sustainability, and Corporate Sustainability.

Additionally, his collaborative efforts contributed to the Corporate DEI Policy and best practices for the company’s ERG strategy. Additionally, Duke examined customer strategies tied to SBTi targets and analyzed real estate locations for climate risks with identification of the most vulnerable properties.

Potential Impact

Duke's efforts have a twofold impact on Asplundh's sustainability journey:

  • His work created original corporate guidance which is expected to enhance our third-party evaluations
  • His research on customer greenhouse gas (GHG) commitments provided valuable insights and input for strategic direction within the ESG and Climate area, as well as for customer engagement.

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