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Menglian Zheng investigated renewable energy opportunities for operations in China.


Baxter International Inc. enlisted Menglian Zheng to research innovative ways for the company to employ renewable energy technologies and purchase electricity from renewable power sources in China.


Zheng’s work began with the aggregation and analysis of sustainable energy policies and practices in China. Her efforts then turned to applying this knowledge and identifying renewable energy projects that could benefit Baxter’s sites within the country. As part of these efforts, she studied building-integrated photovoltaics that enable facilities to make the most of the building envelope and investigated the opportunity to invest in an offsite solar power station and contract a green power purchase agreement in China. She also analyzed carbon offset opportunities in China.

Potential Impact

Projects under consideration based on Zheng’s analysis have the potential to reduce Baxter’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 24,500 metric tons per year and enable 100 percent renewable power for Baxter’s operations in China by 2030, and 80 percent renewable power by 2025.

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