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Evansville, IN


Justin van Wieringen developed a customer centered renewable energy implementation strategy specific to Berry Global sustainability commitments and operations.


Berry Global has a science-based greenhouse gas reduction target and is committed to increasing their usage of renewable energy year over year by 2025. With over 300 locations worldwide, Berry Global tasked Justin with developing an economically viable renewable energy strategic plan and roadmap to accelerate adoption of renewable energy by providing a roadmap to identify, prioritize, and financially analyze scenarios for implementation of renewable energy projects across their global operations by 2025.


Justin used a customer-centric approach to Berry Global site targets for renewable energy implementation by prioritizing operations supporting our customers with publicly stated Scope 3 emissions reductions goals. Given that Berry operations contribute to customer Scope 3 emissions, he next analyzed the sites supplying those prioritized customers to identify opportunity for renewable energy sources that could improve customer Scope 3 emission goals. Working first on the U.S. geography locations, Justin cross-referenced on-site solar generation potential with the list of sites supplying customers with scope 3 emissions reductions targets to determine high-priority sites. 

Additionally, Justin analyzed how several renewable energy options would benefit Berry and fit within its financial model. This informed the creation of a plan to determine which renewable energy option(s) would be best suited for the needs of specific facilities. 

To further encourage the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, Justin also researched the potential of incorporating different carbon pricing structures as incentive for adoption and self-funding. 

Potential Impact

After presenting to the executive committee, adoption of Justin’s work will help accelerate Berry’s renewable energy ambitions. It will streamline Berry’s process for identifying, analyzing, and implementing renewable energy projects, and help both Berry and Berry’s customers achieve their sustainability goals.

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