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Nicholas Vedo created a global electrification roadmap to aid Biogen in reaching its goal of a fully electric fleet as part of its Health Climate, Healthy Lives™ Initiative.


Biogen Inc. is an American multinational biotechnology company and a champion of sustainability within the healthcare industry. Biogen’s firm belief is illustrated by its Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives initiative which seeks to address climate, health, and equity using ambitious supplier engagement goals including the commitment to a fully electric vehicle fleet.

To meet this emissions reduction goal, Biogen enlisted Nicholas Vedo to create an electrification roadmap to help guide the effort toward converting its global vehicle fleet.


Vedo approached the challenge using a four-part workflow:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Vedo first identified the internal and external stakeholders who were relevant to the roadmap project and ranked them in terms of influence. He then created a steering committee to help guide the project and provide any required fleet data inputs.
  • EV Market Readiness Assessment: Vedo created this assessment to provide a framework for evaluating the market readiness of Biogen affiliate locations for electrification. Key parameters of the framework included the percentage of the global fleet housed within each country, the charging infrastructure available, and the national EV incentive scheme. He then organized the affiliate locations into three conversion phases based on their market readiness.
  • Financial and Environmental Analysis: Vedo used two different total cost of ownership (TCO) tools to analyze the financial comparison of the most common global fleet vehicles with their suitable EV replacements. He conducted the environmental analysis of each vehicle pairing with the Argonne National Laboratory’s comparison tool.
  • Conversion Goal Creation: Vedo created the conversion timeline for his roadmap by overlaying the three phases formed in the Readiness Assessment across Biogen’s current electrification goals of 2025 and 2027. Also, he provided additional recommendations including re-negotiating the existing lease contracts to take advantage of available incentives and prioritizing charging infrastructure within Phase 3 countries.

Potential Impact

By following the conversion timeline laid out in Vedo’s roadmap, Biogen has the potential to eliminate 8,720 metric tons of CO2 within the US alone. This environmental impact exponentially increases as other countries are electrified. Also, when incorporating all available incentives, the switch to EVs will reduce the costs of annual lease payments for several vehicle models.

Lastly, the market readiness assessment has given Biogen an idea of where the major challenges to their goals exist geographically and a better understanding of any gaps in their current policies. 

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