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Industrial Goods and Manufacturing

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Financial Evaluation and Planning




Renton, WA


Jack Hogin designed a tool to determine the financial and environmental impacts of Boeing’s employee-led environmental projects.


At Boeing's Seattle, WA, office, Jack Hogin was tasked with creating a tool to calculate the financial and environmental impacts of the company's employee-led environmental projects, which draw on the resources of 170,000-plus employees and 7,000-plus employee teams. 


To create the tool, Hogin worked with several energy and environmental leaders to determine the best metrics for potential employee environmental initiatives, both in Boeing’s manufacturing and office environments. With these metrics, Hogin created a user-friendly tool to calculate financial and environmental benefits in four areas: energy, hazardous waste, solid waste and water. Hogin also collaborated with Boeing employees to develop strategies in support of Boeing's environmental goals and to analyze the environmental goal-benchmarking of Boeing competitors.

Potential Impact

The tool Hogin designed, which consists mostly of multiple choice questions and requires minimal open-ended data entry, will be rolled out to Boeing’s employees in fall 2012, in tandem with a Boeing-created environmental project-identification and employee training program. 

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