Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits

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Financial Services and Insurance

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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Charlotte, NC


Geoff Luke led a series of exercises designed to benchmark current perceptions around CSR topics at Bojangles’ and informed the company’s next steps.


Bojangles’, Inc., a rapidly growing company in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, embarked on a journey to bolster its longstanding commitment to the communities it serves. EDF Climate Corps fellow Geoff Luke was enlisted to identify social, environmental and economic opportunities for developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform. With leadership’s support, and the engagement of key corporate staff, Bojangles’ was ready to chart its course, but first, it needed a starting point, a benchmark and a plan.


Geoff, in partnership with Bojangles’ sustainability team and an external consultancy, led a series of phased, collaborative exercises designed to benchmark and understand current perceptions and priorities regarding CSR topics. Each phase proved complementary to the next as Bojangles’ identified its areas of strength and greatest opportunity. He conducted surveys and spoke with key internal stakeholders, as well as performed research on industry best practices that would enable Bojangles’ to be benchmarked against its peers. Having a better idea of where the company stands, Geoff highlighted and recommended specific CSR initiatives to inform Bojangles’ strategic next steps.

Potential Impact

From its restaurant kitchens to its corporate support center, Bojangles’ now has the actionable knowledge it needs to drive sustainability results throughout its value chain. Geoff’s recommendations will be leveraged for a series of corporate discussions and workshop sessions focused on laying the foundation for a more sustainable, robust corporate future. Bojangles’ finds itself better positioned to think strategically and act tactically as it seeks to continue its business success and expand its CSR program.

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