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Malkie Wall developed strategy recommendations and implementation guidelines to help Boston Scientific Corporation fulfill renewable energy and carbon neutrality commitments across their global manufacturing and key distribution sites.


Boston Scientific Corporation, a global medical device manufacturer, aims to source 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2024, source 90% of its energy (all sources) from renewables by 2027, and achieve carbon neutrality (scope 1 and 2) in all manufacturing and key distribution sites by 2030. The company enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Malkie Wall to provide strategic recommendations and create implementation guides to drive progress on these goals.


Through conversations with the global energy management team at Boston Scientific, Malkie presented recommendations and tools in three priority areas:

  • Developing a plan to account for standard delivery renewable energy at the company’s manufacturing and distribution sites in the U.S. and Costa Rica. Malkie interviewed industry professionals, reviewed technical guidance, and assessed data availability to recommend individualized methodologies for 11 sites. 

  • Designing an awards program to incentivize energy efficiency and the reduction of scope 1 emissions through industrial electrification projects across manufacturing and key distribution sites. Malkie used an employee survey and conversations with the company’s global energy management team to clarify program objectives and create an implementation guide. She also created an Excel tool to calculate projects’ financial metrics (NPV and payback period). The tool then ranks energy projects based on the recommended emissions reduction, energy efficiency, and financial criteria. 

  • Generating a guide for obtaining carbon neutrality certifications at all global manufacturing and key distribution sites. After evaluating several certification standards, Malkie developed a roadmap to certify 17 sites and solicited and obtained bids from two vendors.

Potential Impact

Malkie’s deliverables will support Boston Scientific’s renewable energy procurement strategy and help the company prioritize their resources to most effectively meet their carbon neutrality goals. Implementing her recommendations around standard delivery renewable energy and carbon neutrality could potentially save Boston Scientific hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided carbon offsetting costs per year.  In addition, the energy project awards program Malkie designed will drive decarbonization and energy efficiency projects at the company’s manufacturing and key distribution sites. Her ranking tool will also be useful to the global energy management team for tracking sites’ energy projects. 

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