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Public Housing Authority

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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Boulder, CO


Rachel Dimmitt assisted Boulder Housing Partners in identifying sustainability goals and tracking sustainability advances.


Rachel Dimmitt was hired by Boulder Housing Partners (BHP), the housing authority for the City of Boulder, CO, to contribute to its current efforts to improve Boulder-area public and affordable housing, as well as community sustainability. 


Dimmitt compiled a comprehensive list of organizational best practices in sustainability. She used this list to develop and recommend a series of immediate and long-term sustainability goals for BHP. Dimmitt also developed new organization-wide data management strategies, consolidated historic data, and created a database that will allow BHP to comprehensively assess recent energy efficiency and water conservation improvements.

Potential Impact

Through these projects, BHP can improve organizational efficiency, identify potential utility cost savings and base investment decisions on future sustainability projects on sound analysis of past project outcomes.


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