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Oakland, CA


Christian Valoria analyzed data from Bright Power’s hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) installations to assess performance and identify improvement opportunities.


Bright Power has identified hybrid central HPWH systems as a transitional technology with the potential of accelerating California’s building electrification agenda. But there are challenges associated with electrifying and balancing domestic hot water systems in large multifamily building retrofits. With extensive data monitoring in place at four of Bright Power’s HPWH installations, Christian was tasked to evaluate modeled versus actual performance, assist in commissioning, and improve future system designs. 


Christian approached the project using a three-part process:

  • Developed data-processing program to efficiently download and clean HPWH data from cloud storage. After identifying lapses in the data, Christian also worked to restore missing data and change device settings to ensure data continuity.   

  • Created data visualization modules that display key performance indicators and aid investigations into the operating characteristics of hybrid and all-electric HPWH systems.

  • Informed future designs using data to assess how tank sizing, piping configuration, and indoor/outdoor siting affected HPWH performance as well as how load shifting could be incorporated to future and existing designs.


Christian has created a pathway for improved access to Bright Power’s HPWH data and set up a replicable process to track performance for future HPWH installations. The ease of access to data has opened doors for continuous commissioning and on-going research. The data visualization assets and analysis can help inform building owners, incentive programs, designers, and contractors of the benefits of hybrid HPWH systems. Christian’s efforts have ultimately solidified Bright Power as a leader of central HPWH retrofits.

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