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Mumbai, Maharashtra


Madhan Kumar Kandasamy identified and matchmade climate technologies and strategies concerning energy and building dimensions for effectively implementing the Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP).


Being a C40 city, Mumbai prepared its first ever Climate Action Plan (MCAP) with support from WRI, C40, and Climate Voices along with the Environment and Climate Change Department and Maharashtra State. C40 looks forward to achieving the net-zero targets set out in the MCAP.

This project was assigned as a part of the Energy and Buildings workstream, where the goal is to analyze energy efficiency opportunities, provide recommendations on financial mechanisms, and develop a simple toolkit that will assist the Energy and Building sector in reaching carbon neutrality through improvements in the roadmap actions/strategies and strengthen the implementation of MCAP.


Madhan was tasked with developing an overarching energy strategy to reduce the city's energy carbon footprint and help implement MCAP in energy and building workstreams. In most recommendations, it was suggested to look at the contribution of the residential sector to the overall city’s emissions. Incorporating legality into the recommendations and existing building performance analysis along with grants for efficient retrofitting was also proposed. Moreover, an integrated urban vision was recommended with the tool (e.g. Osemosys) for adequate energy and building sector implementations.

Endorsements were further made on how this tool strengthens the effective implementation of MCAP with capacity expansion and planning of the energy sector. In addition, recommendations for a simple and accessible tool that cover the details required for the planning were suggested. This simple tool will support the emission monitoring and provide data to the Municipality for reviewing their baseline, updating the emission inventory, and monitoring their action plan. Further validation is required based on the actual data by BMC.

Potential Impact

Different climate technologies and tools were identified and mapped to strengthen the implementation of MCAP actions in the Energy and Building sector. Having been able to model pathways to energy security in MCAP, the Osemosys tool suggests which scenario is the most suitable. Solutions promoting solar rooftop adoption, energy and finance accounting, ecologically beneficial schemes, policy to include energy-efficient appliances, tax reduction on energy saving, and design strategies were documented.

Ultimately a simple tool for monitoring the achievement of the target in terms of GHG reduction was proposed at various levels to assess climate action more quickly and efficiently.

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