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Yaxiang Yin identified opportunities to reduce energy use in one of BYD’s engine manufacturing plants.


BYD China (BYD) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries, charging infrastructure and electric vehicles. The company has made a practice to reduce its impact on the environment, in which energy, greenhouse and waste managements are the main measures. To help reduce energy use, BYD enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Yiaxiang Yin with the goal of identifying energy efficiency opportunities at one of its engine-manufacturing plants.


Yin analyzed the energy use of various systems, including the compressed air, lighting and air conditioning, in search of energy saving opportunities. The analysis revealed that the compressed air is responsible for over half of the total energy use. To estimate the leak volume of leakage, Yin created a linear regression analysis of compressed air consumption and output data.

Having this data, Yin recommended energy-saving measures and project management ideas for the compressed air system, in addition to both the lighting and air conditioning systems.

Potential Impact

These projects, when fully implemented, could result in large financial, energy and GHG emissions savings.

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