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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Engagement and Behavior Change




Miami, FL


Mandy Martin identified energy efficiency projects for Carnival Cruise Line’s headquarters in Miami.


Mandy Martin spent her summer inspecting the Miami headquarters of Carnival Cruise Lines, a global cruise company and one of the largest vacation companies in the world. An IMBA student at the University of South Carolina, Martin was investigating energy efficiency projects related to HVAC, lighting, information systems and operations. 


A large part of her project portfolio focused on lighting: installing additional occupancy sensors, decreasing wattage in over-lit areas and altering lighting schedules. Martin also facilitated proof of technology tests, such as the installation of window film in select offices, which could accurately compare vendors and ensure tailored results. Another suggestion was to fine-tune the power management settings to Carnival's 2,600 head office computers.

Potential Impact 

Overall, Martin's proposals could avoid thousands of metric tons of CO2 and decrease electricity usage substantially per year. In addition, these projects could save Carnival considerable annual operational costs over project lifetimes. Carnival intends to investigate these opportunities to further understand their technical and economic implications for implementation. To enjoy exponential savings, some projects may be considered for Carnival's other shore-side facilities and even for its fleet of ships.

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