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The Fellow successfully enabled CCMP Growth Advisors, LP to be granted UNPRI provisional signatory status and effectively assisted the Firm for the commitments and continuing requirements entailed for UNPRI signatories.


CCMP Growth Advisors, LP (“CCMP” or the “Firm”) was seeking to be a signatory to the UN  Principles of Responsible Investment (“UNPRI”) and in the process also looked to update and  expand its ESG policies. The Firm worked with Kat Guanio (the “Fellow”) as its EDF Climate  Corps fellow in facilitating the signatory onboarding processes, authoring the Firm’s  Responsible Investment Framework, providing recommendations with respect to updating  pertinent policies, and creating ESG assessment models (“models”) to aid review processes  during due-diligence stages and throughout the Firm’s investment lifecycle.


For the UNPRI onboarding process, the Fellow conducted a detailed review of UNPRI’s  onboarding and continuing requirements, engaged with UNPRI resource teams to obtain clarifications on requirements, conducted shadow assessment for the Firm, and performed  peer benchmarking.  

For the UNPRI-readiness processes, the Fellow provided meaningful recommendations to  updating the Firm’s policies which included (i) institutionalizing the Firm’s existing ESG oriented practices, and (ii) expanding the original ESG policy into a Responsible Investment  Framework, which incorporates best practices and recommendations from the UNPRI and the  American Investment Council, while considering CCMP’s fiduciary duties and overall  investment strategy. Key recommendations to the policy updates included areas of climate  change risks and opportunities, stewardship, DEI, governance, and adoption of ESG risk  assessment standards which CCMP will consider.  

The Fellow also created models to assist the Firm in its ESG due diligence pre-investment  and monitoring post-investment processes. These models offer the opportunity to streamline  the Firm’s implementation of ESG-related reviews of investment prospects and engagement with portfolio companies. The models can (i) provide standardized and synthesized outputs, (ii) consider severity and probability of impacts arising from areas of improvement and  opportunities identified, and (iii) capture relevant metrics for multiple industries and will assist CCMP in industry-driven data collection initiatives such as the Data Convergence Initiative.  The models are replicable and may be modified as the Firm’s requirements and strategies evolve.

Potential Impact

Overall, the Fellow’s engagement (i) communicated evolving standards for responsible  investment principles within the Firm, (ii) enabled CCMP to accelerate the UNPRI process,  (iii) assisted CCMP’s efforts to improve engagement with investors who are progressively  expressing preference for investment managers that incorporate sustainability principles as  part of their investment strategies, and (iv) provided tools to assist implementation of  recommended policy and process updates.

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