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Data Analysis, Financial Evaluation and Planning, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Denver, CO


Trey Signorelli recommended a high-level strategy for the Charter Communications, Inc. goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.


Charter Communications, Inc. has a goal to achieve carbon neutrality in their operations by 2035. In order to reach this target, the company’s Climate Committee enlisted Trey Signorelli to help develop a climate strategy for emissions reductions through energy efficiency, renewable energy, fleet, and other opportunities.


After conducting interviews with each member of Climate Committee—a cross-functional group including Corporate Services, Environmental Health & Safety, Energy Cost Management, Software Engineering, Technology Planning, Industrial Design, Spectrum Mobile, and Infrastructure Architecture & Engineering—Trey identified potential initiatives for each area. Gathering related data on energy use, emissions, financing, and internal needs allowed Trey to identify signature initiatives based on their emission reduction potential in the three categories below:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Developing a business case for property management, evaluating best practices for internal funding, and consistent reporting.
  2. Renewable Energy: Using EPA data to evaluate future grid emissions factors, evaluating and recommending renewable energy strategies.
  3. Fleet Electrification: Evaluating available technology solutions and engaging on the unique operational requirements of the telecommunications fleet to recommend potential opportunities at a regional level.

Potential Impact

Based on the findings and summaries of this fellowship, there are many opportunities and pathways towards a Carbon Neutral 2035 that Charter Communications, Inc. can pursue. For each initiative Trey laid out near-term, actionable steps and recommended an organizational approach towards these goals.

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