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Susanna Jenkins calculated baseline emissions and created a GHG inventory management framework for Scope 1 & 2 emissions at Children’s National Hospital.


With a mission of helping children grow up stronger through healthier environments, Children’s National Hospital (CNH) recognizes its responsibility to address its climate impact and commit to bold internal GHG accounting & reduction commitments. CNH enlisted Susanna Jenkins to secure consistent data pathways for sources of Scopes 1 and 2 emissions and create a framework for calculating carbon emissions, using the Sheikh Zayed (“main”) campus as a starting point.


Jenkins approached the project using a four-phase process:

  • Scope and Plan: Determine inventory boundaries, consult healthcare specific GHG accounting guidance, map internal/external stakeholders and itemize direct & indirect emission sources at the main campus.
  • Collect Data: Meet with relevant departments to communicate data needs. Search databases, invoices, inventories, and purchase records for available data. Organize and streamline collected activity data to prepare for calculations.
  • Conduct Calculations: Select appropriate emission factors and global warming potentials. Quantify CO2e emissions from processed Scope 1 & 2 activity data using standardized methods.
  • Finalize and Report: Create a dynamic dashboard integrating CNH’s historic GHG Inventory with scalable emissions modeling and data pathways for future calculations. Prepare an Inventory Management Plan. Present baseline analysis to sustainability stakeholders across CNH.

Potential Impact

Children’s National Hospital now has a baseline GHG Inventory for all sources of Scope 1 and 2 emissions at their main campus, as well as established activity data pathways and a dynamic tool for future year-over-year measurements.

As a signatory of the White House Health Sector Climate Pledge, CNH is prepared to track its progress towards emissions reduction commitments and develop data-informed strategy for reaching net-zero emissions.

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