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Data Analysis, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Jose, CA


Raghav Seetha engaged in a comprehensive study to identify and account for greenhouse gas emissions from Cisco's sales through its global network of partners and distributors, aiming to understand potential emissions gaps.


Cisco Systems, as a global technology leader, recognizes the paramount importance of sustainability and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint across the supply chain. The primary objective of this project was to bridge the knowledge gap concerning GHG emissions emanating from Cisco's sales via its partners and distributors and recommend a strategic path to account for these emissions.


During the fellowship, Raghav Seetha:

  1. Collaborated closely with the partners' team to curate a list of Cisco's global partners and distributors
  2. Delivered an order of magnitude estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from Cisco's sales through its global network of partners and distributors providing reasons for the inclusion or exclusion of specific emissions based on materiality
  3. Concluded with a set of strategic recommendations to refine quantification processes
  4. Performed a benchmarking study of Cisco versus its peers, focused on channel partner emissions tracking

Potential Impact

This comprehensive GHG emission analysis stands to reevaluate how Cisco Systems understands and accounts for emissions from its sales operations. Not only does this align with Cisco's sustainable objectives, but it also paves the way for other tech giants to follow suit, establishing a robust framework for GHG emission accounting.

Furthermore, the findings and recommendations from this project could catalyze strategies to reduce emissions across the supply chain, fortifying Cisco's commitment to sustainability. The insights gathered during this internship hold the potential to influence Cisco's future corporate sustainability policies and practices.

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