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Elizabeth City, NC

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Annual kWh Savings:

760,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

400 metric tons


Mohammad Sayemuzzaman developed a strategy for energy use and cost reduction in the commercial and industrial buildings of Elizabeth City.


Mohammad Sayemuzzaman spent his summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, addressing the city’s concerns of ever-increasing energy consumption and operating costs. Elizabeth City had already set up home energy assessment programs for its residents, but did not have a strategy for its own commercial buildings and industrial facilities.


Sayemuzzaman identified energy cost savings at the city’s wastewater treatment plant, the Midgett Municipal building, and the parks, recreation, and senior center. At the wastewater treatment plant, 80 percent of the energy consumption came from running 25 motors and pumps. Sayemuzzaman found potential energy savings through installations of occupancy sensors, as well as controls for blower operations. By being able to program the blower operations, the city could save about 600,000 kWh each year. For the Midgett Municipal Building, Sayemuzzaman recommended lighting retrofits, such as switching out incandescent lights for either CFLs or LEDs. At the parks, recreation, and senior center, Sayemuzzaman recommended HVAC and insulation replacements.

Potential Impact

If all Sayemuzzaman’s identified projects are implemented, Elizabeth City could save over 760,000 kWh annually and reduce CO2 emissions by 400 metric tons per year.


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