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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Clean and Renewable Energy, Data Analysis, Financial Evaluation and Planning




Long Branch, NJ

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Sarah Volkman identified options for energy management and savings for the City of Long Branch Housing Authority.


Sarah Volkman was hired to recommend viable options for energy management systems, which could allow the City of Long Branch Housing Authority to more effectively track and manage energy use. 


Volkman audited the Asbury Park Housing Authority’s existing $4 million 12-year energy performance contract for its seven affordable housing complexes on behalf of the City of Long Branch Housing Authority. She created an energy benchmark for each building site, analyzed the utility savings results from the energy performance contract and reviewed the contract terms for compliance, pinpointing areas for improved energy savings. After assessing the annual savings and contract’s original financing, she recommended that Asbury Park Housing Authority extend its energy performance contract into a Phase II project.

Potential Impact

Volkman projected an estimated savings of more than $1 million to contribute to future energy efficiency projects using financing options in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s policies. Volkman’s recommendations will be taken into consideration by the City of Long Branch Housing Authority’s leadership team during the duration of its management of Asbury Park Housing Authority.


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