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Kasey Liedtke detailed three areas in which the City of New Orleans could improve energy efficiency.


Kasey Liedtke was working with the City of New Orleans' Office of Coastal and Environmental Affairs to develop energy efficiency projects.


Liedtke’s recommendations focused on three areas: light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights, Owners Project Requirements (OPR) and energy efficiency best practices. Liedtke's LED project, he suggested financing with low interest Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds. Liedtke's proposed OPR could transform the process by which New Orleans purchases HVAC systems for capital projects. His recommended best practices include ENERGY STAR computer purchasing requirements, vending machine efficiency and suggestions for energy-saving behavioral change.

Potential Impact

Liedtke’s LED project could save New Orleans $10.2 million and 9 million kilowatt hours over the life of the projects.


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