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Atlanta, GA

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Annual kWh Savings:

3,000,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

2,835 metric tons


Savitha Sridharan developed an energy management decision model for Clark Atlanta University.


At CAU, Savitha Sridharan was tasked with developing an energy management decision model for the Thomas Cole Research Center of Science and Technology.


Sridharan’s tool is a centralized database that consists of energy audit information, utility bills, rebates and tax incentives, a financial analysis calculator and an inventory of all devices that consume electricity on campus. The energy management decision tool will help stakeholders navigate and utilize energy data, easily identify cost-savings and guide leaders in making recommendations. The retrofit recommendations can be categorized into:

Lighting Retrofits: (a) Education and behavioral changes to reduce energy consumption (b) Lighting controls like dimmers and occupancy sensors and (c) Upgrading to higher efficiency lighting technologies like T8 lights, T5 lights, CFL lamps, LED based lamps and LED Exit Signs.

Vending Machine Retrofits: Installation of a Vending Miser or a similar device should be considered since it manages both the lighting and the compressor in vending machines and turn lighting on and off as necessary using a motion sensor.

Office Machine and Research Equipment Retrofits: (a) Replace all remaining CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors with flat-panel LCD monitors. (b) Purchase ENERGY STAR certified PCs, printers, copiers and monitors.

Potential Impact

Savitha’s analysis projected estimated savings of about 3 million kilowatt hours annually just from implementing building retrofits in the research Center. Through implementing these projects, CAU could avoid 2,835 metric tons of CO2 emissions and save around $190,000 in net operating costs annually. By implementing these recommendations’ across all buildings on campus, the actual savings could be at least twice these projected estimated savings.

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