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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Chelmsford, MA

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

830 metric tons


Joe Chavez worked on identifying efficiency projects and incentives for Comcast's data centers.


Joe Chavez was asked to develop a baseline of electricity usage and billing data for Comcast’s data centers in the Greater Boston Region to prioritize efforts.


After identifying data centers with the highest energy usage and cooling loads, Chavez performed a quantitative study of energy savings resulting from the use of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on computer room air conditioners. Chavez also coordinated with utilities to explore incentives for two facilities currently receiving HVAC upgrades.

In an effort to standardize Comcast’s process for future data center energy efficiency measures, Chavez developed a best practices guide for facilities and engineering managers along with a playbook for obtaining rebates from utility incentive programs. Both products can help raise awareness of cost effective opportunities for energy efficient upgrades while easing the process of pursuing incentives.

Potential Impact

A financial analysis of the projects that considered rebates from utility incentive programs revealed a simple payback period of less than two years with annual savings near $200,000 and an annual reduction of over 830 metric tons of carbon dioxide– the equivalent of 153 homes’ electricity use for one year. The financial analysis is being used in the 2015 capex budget to procure potential funding for the projects.

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