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Manuela created a tool to help participants of the Power Ready program communicate the benefits of future-proofing EV charging infrastructure.


Futureproofing EV charging infrastructure is a complicated concept for many, making it challenging to have a high uptake. Hoping to make this concept easier, we brought in Manuela Pérez to develop an analysis tool that will help developers understand the potential of futureproofing and take advantage of it, to help accelerate EV charging station development.


Manuela approached this challenge using a four-part process. 

  1. She identified and classified external stakeholders based on their experience with futureproofing. 

  2. She interviewed external stakeholders using questions tailored to their experience with futureproofing in the Power Ready Program. 

  3. She performed a diagnosis of the current state of futureproofing, to identify ways to make it more understandable and easier to transmit its benefits. 

  4. Using the information she obtained, she created a tool that will aid developers in illustrating the benefits of utilizing futureproofing to their clients.

Potential Impact

Manuela’s analysis gave us a deeper knowledge on the attitudes of the market towards futureproofing. In that sense, she gathered and provided very important information that will guide the decisions about this incentive. 

Additionally, the tool she created can help Con Edison advance in the Power Ready Program by making futureproofing easier to understand for program participants and aiding them in the decision to maximize their usage of the incentive. All of this could lead to an increase in the usage of futureproofing and further acceleration of EV charging station development. 

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