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Hartford, CT


Samreen developed an expansion plan to include environmental infrastructure measures as part of the energy efficiency loan product, Smart-E, at Connecticut Green Bank.


To augment climate resilience for homeowners, the Connecticut Green Bank is challenged with integrating new environmental infrastructure solutions into their energy efficiency loan product- Smart-E. Envisioning the need for a robust and effective expansion strategy, Connecticut Green Bank enlisted Samreen to draft the product expansion plan.


Samreen approached the challenge by dividing the plan into four core areas:

  • Identify the product subcategories of environmental infrastructure and define requirements related to each. Samreen reviewed several documents to research the permits, licenses, and technical specifications for all subcategories and the stakeholder state departments responsible for overseeing the measures. 
  • Identify the marketing datasets for the environmental infrastructure subcategories. Samreen identified six relevant public domain datasets for marketing initiatives and proposed the classification of subcategories based on ease of documentation, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Measure Impact by defining impact metrics. She formulated a draft for data collection and impact measurement.
  • Draft a training plan. Samreen reviewed the existing training and recommended modifications. She also proposed a (bi)weekly tracker to track the progress of the efforts.

Potential Impact

Launching the new environmental infrastructure categories will empower the residents of Connecticut to build climate resiliency within their homes and help tackle the exacerbated climate change issues at a micro level. Connecticut Green Bank can bridge the financing gap that currently prevents homeowners from acting by providing a unique solution for building climate-resilient household infrastructure. 

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